Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Margaret Schuster..... I have lupus and fibromyalgia and due to the lupus I am sensitive to so many products. I have never used such a wonderful product as yours. I have extremely dry and cracked elbows, almost feel like sandpaper. I began using your product several times a day, and my elbows are now as smooth as silk. Plus the fragrance is light and smells oh so good.


Cindy Hawkins.....I have Grover's disease (itching & sores). Everything the dermatologist gives me doesn't seem to work. I went to a craft show and bought the Yogurt Hand & Body Lotion in Peppermint. WOW, what a relief!!!!! I went back and bought more!!!!!


Nora Lyons......I was at a festival in May in Covington, KY and purchased a jar of Yogurt Based hand & Body Lotion. I have a lot of trouble with my hands and most of the time they are broke out and even get to the point of bleeding. Everything I have tried be it over the counter or prescription only works for a short time and then it starts all over. But the product I purchased from you has worked wonderfully. Not only did it heal my hands but it has kept them healed and I have had no breaking out or itching of any kind. My hands are also softer than they have ever been.


Phyllis Garn........For many years (perhaps 15 or so) my left elbow have always been rough and ugly looking, even to the point of cracking open in the winter. I thought it might be from working at a desk my entire career, having my elbows rubbing on papers or a dirty desk; but it was only my left elbow that was affected. I would occasionally buff with an emery board and put lotion on every day, but the problem always persisted.

I first used the Taking Time for Me Light & Creamy Yogurt Lotion in May 2011. After 2-3 days my elbow still felt soft. As the healing was taking place I could go longer between days of applying the lotion. I really like the peppermint fragrance -- it's refreshing to use.


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