Stick Your Nose In Our Business

UPDATE: August 1, 2020

Most of the "craft season" has been cancelled with a few hold outs that we pray don't cancel. We certainly understand why festival promoters want to exercise caution, we're just sad that we won't see many of you this year. We're letting promoters keep the fees we've already paid and apply them to next years' festival. We're counting on you to remember us and visit our website so we'll be in business next year and can get back to business as usual. (No pressure, but we really need your help! LOL!) We will be starting to build a new website in just a couple of weeks, but until then, please don't be harsh on how bad our current website looks. Yes, it needs a lot of updating but it seems like I should put my energy towards the new site by taking pictures and updating descriptions, etc... Sorry I got a little wordy but I just wanted to let you know what was going on. I've been silent lately and I apologize. Let's do something fun this month, like some contests and things like that!! One last are the festivals that we participate in that are still going forward (as of today 8/1)........Prairie Peddler in Butler, OH.....Christmas in October in Findlay, OH......The Gingerbread Tour in Cooksburg, PA.......Pennsylvania Christmas Show in Harrisburg, PA. Thank you for all your support the past 19 years! Here's to 19 more (then we're retiring!!). Stay safe and be thankful for all you have! Lisa & Larry (Mom too!!)


People ask where our shop is located. If we're at a festival we tell them they are standing in it! For now, until restrictions are removed, this website is our ONLY shop. We hope you will remember not only our business but other small businesses during this time.

If you need a present and don't want to go out, we can help! Just let us know who you'd like something sent to and we will include a personalize note from you. No trip to the post office! We've got you covered!


They say first impressions are formed in the first 30 seconds. Because of the program we used to create our website, we'll be the first to admit that our Homepage isn't anything special. The good stuff is on all the product pages!

Please come in and take a look at all the products we have to offer. We encourage you to STICK YOUR NOSE IN OUR BUSINESS!

Orders over $40.00 are shipped free. Shipping is $6.50 for orders under $40.00. The cart requires us to deduct the shipping cost MANUALLY from your invoice before processing your credit card. So yes, the shipping amount will still be on your invoice when you check out but it WILL come off if your order is over $40.00 (Product, not including shipping and tax) when we process your order.

We apologize for having to change the shipping but USPS continues to go up. There is no Priority Shipping less than $7.10 so we pay for the difference between the $6.50 you pay and $7.10 and up that it actually costs to ship.

We try to get orders out as quickly as possible and will ship the best way possible based on order size through the United States Postal Service.

If you'd rather place your order by phone, please feel free to give us a call at (814) 354-2296. All website specials and coupons are eligible even if you place your order by phone, email, or mail. Don't forget to check out the Website Special page for more savings and special offers!
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