Run Away Rodent Deterrent

Run Away Rodent Deterrent

Run Away Rodent Deterrent
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This is a very expensive product to make. We only make 10 cents profit per bag. We make this as a courtesy to our customers (for a lack of a better way to say it). When we ship it, we lose money on every order. When it's free shipping, we really lose a lot of money. We feel bad to have to change our policy but we can't continue to lose money on every order. Shipping with USPS is not cheap and we can't send any box by Priority for less than $7.10. So on every order we already absorb the difference between the shipping cost you pay and the actual cost to ship. We're o.k. with that but when it comes to Run Away, we just can't offer discounted or free shipping on it.

So, if you would like to order Run Away, please email or call us. We'll figure out shipping and invoice you. So sorry we have to do this. We feel bad, but we hope you understand. (814) 354-2296

Email might be better. I have an older lady that I visit and she calls me 3-5 times a day. It goes to voice mail but she doesn't leave messages. The mail box fills up FAST if I'm not home to check it!

PLEASE NOTE: This is the smaller size bag that we have been selling at the festivals this year. In past years many said they were going to split the bags into smaller sizes. So we did that! Smaller bag and lower price.

GOT MICE? This mixture of ground up corn cob and essential peppermint oil is too strong from the sensitive noses of mice (plus they hate the smell). No effect on chipmunks - sorry!! (WORKS ON SPIDERS TOO!)

Hang a sachet or sprinkle corn in problem areas where little "presents" are being left for you. Use under the kitchen sink, in the pantry, the basement, the car, RV, or camper that you put in storage, the camp/cabin, etc.....

The question we are asked a lot is: "Does this stuff really work?" This is our 9th mouse season making it and we've heard a lot of success stories and see the same people coming back to get a fresh new season of Run Away. (If you've used it, send us a email so we can share your story with others).

Even if you don't have a rodent problem, it still smells nice. Hang one on the back of the bathroom door or in your car for a nice pick-me-up smell.

COLOR OF SACHET IS A SURPRISE! (In other words, we get to pick the color for you) :-)

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