Reed Diffuser Refills

Shown together in picture: 1 oz. Bottle. - 3+ MONTHS OF SCENT * 2 oz. Bottle - HALF A YEAR OF SCENT * Set of 10 bamboo reeds

Chances are by now you've probably had a Reed Diffuser. And depending on where it was purchased, you either love it or think it was a waste of money. It doesn't matter how pretty the bottle was, it comes down to the quality of oil.

The big box stores (and I'm not saying all of them, because there are some that offer good quality) are out to make a buck and most times people aren't going to return something that didn't live up to their expectations. So, the cost of the goods for them, versus quality, is what they look for.

That being said, we at the Potpourri Patch, care that our customers keep returning to us and that they are happy with their purchase. We use very good oil that contains no alcohol. This keeps the integrity of the oil intact and gives you more of a true scent.

An ounce, which doesn't seem like much, will last for over 3 months. It just does a slow draw up the reeds and gives a continuous scent.

We hope you'll give our scents a try! Just wash out your Diffuser bottle or any bottle that has a smaller opening at the top, like a bud vase, and order a refill. All refills include a set of 10 reeds. If you need a bottle, we have them! Styles change as we find available bottles. We're sure you'll be pleased with your Reed Diffuser. WARNING: They are addicting! Soon you'll have them in every room!
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